Prof Katy Campbell

Dean of the Faculty of Extension at the University of Alberta, Canada
Alberta Canada

Professor Katy Campbell is Dean of the Faculty of Extension at the University of Alberta, a position she has held since 2009. A proud Canadian, Katy was born, raised and educated in Edmonton. Originally completing her Undergraduate and Masters in teaching, Katy developed a strong interest in technology, which resulted in a career shift to Instructional Design.

At the time the discipline wasn’t widely applied in Canada, so utilising her resourceful nature, Katy put together a customised doctoral program and found a department that would support her - forging her own career path and completing her PhD in 1994.

Following the advice of a valued mentor, Katy relocated her young family to the State University of New York, spending two years in America. On returning to Canada, Katy accepted a role as a Distance Education Coordinator in a region close to the arctic circle - a stark contrast to her experience growing up in Alberta.

Katy embraced the new culture; learning about the indigenous communities and witnessing firsthand the barriers to inclusive and accessible education. During this period, Katy navigated many twists and turns but these experiences provided her with an invaluable depth of knowledge, understanding and perspective.

When a one-year position arose in Edmonton managing a program to utilise the Internet in Teaching, Katy leapt at it. The risk of a short-term role was soon unfounded and Katy rose through the ranks to her current role of Dean of the Faculty of Extension. Never one to seek leadership positions, Katy believes her strengths in relationships, communications and collegiality resulted in her progression within the Department.

Katy is passionate about equity, diversity and having social impact beyond academic papers. She believes in the positive power of people and always looks to find possibilities and connections amongst those she mentors.

An eternal optimist, Katy loves creating a joyful working environment and nothing makes her happier than time spent with her dogs and cats.