About us

Ethos Consulting

Ethos was established in 1991 as a private consulting organisation providing organisation improvement solutions to the private sector, government agencies and the not-for profit sector.

The director of Ethos, Mark Douglas, is an organisational psychologist specialising in leadership development, strategic decision making, mentoring processes, organisational reviews and consultation processes. Envisage, academic navigation is a program developed and owned by Ethos Consulting.

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Our Vision

People thriving at work
Leaders enabling others to succeed
Organisations contributing to communities

Envisage: Our Assumptions

  1. Regular reassessment of an academic career path is important because the paradoxes and the competing demands within academia often create an unstable future.
  2. Timely decision making based on values and career goals is preferred over drifting and allowing the priorities of others to determine the timing of decisions important to you.
  3. Exploring the current circumstances relevant to a future goal provides a firm foundation for action toward that goals.
  4. While specific advice may be appropriate occasionally, powerful mentoring comes from insightful questions that encourage the participant to find their own direction.
  5. A focus on a few key goals that are compatible is essential to move forward in a crowded busy life.
  6. There are often many paths to a goal. Discussing the options most appropriate for the individual in a safe, non-judgmental conversations is often a critical step for good decision making.
  7. When options are explored, actions become clear, the role of the mentor-coach is reduced, self-belief grows and confidence takes the place of hesitance.