The process

The Seven Step Process

1. Register with Envisage

Either your organisation registers with Envisage for ten or more registered participants (Institutional Registrations)


Individuals register as a single participant (Individual Registrations)

2. Background Participant Survey

Each participants will complete a brief set of questions to be a base line for their thoughts and deliberations. This will also include general information about their discipline and current position.

3. Select three from the Panel

Once registered all participants gain access to the website, peruse the profiles on our international panel of mentors. They then select up to three potential mentors. The participant will be allocated one of those they select. Both participant and mentor will be notified of the match.

4. Making Contact

The mentor makes initial contact with the participant. They both agree on the duration, dates and time of the three meetings to be held 3 to 5 weeks apart. Some mentor-coaches prefer 60 minute meetings, others 30 minute. How the approximate 200 minutes of mentor-coaching is structured is a decision between the participant and the mentor-coach.

5. The Powerful Meetings

Whether you have three meetings or six, the first meeting will focus on the crafting of a succinctly expressed goal and exploration of the 'current reality' relevant to that goal. The next stage will be focused on options to consider in moving forward toward the goal. The final stage will focus on the preparation of a plan and commitment to action.

6. Conclusion of the Process

Both participant and mentor are contacted by Ethos Consulting to review the Envisage process.