How it works


Envisage connects those who want to listen and help with those who seek the space to find direction.

Sometimes it is the questions you are asked that help you to see clearly. Sometimes it is the advice born of wisdom that resonates. There is a place for both in Academic Navigation.

Envisage will help you to find a mentor-coach for three powerful meetings that will make all the difference.

Meet across continents and time zones or face-to-face. Irrespective, you will build insight, you will arrive at goals and you will decide on a path for action.

As a woman in academia you choose your mentor- coach from an impressive list of high achieving female and male academics from many disciplines and backgrounds. All mentor-coaches are trained in the Envisage Academic Navigation Process.

Three powerful meetings

The three meeting structure is a process not a script. It is a comfortable ‘climbing frame’ for both mentor-coach and participant. With three to four weeks between meetings there is time to consider, review and prepare for the next meeting.

Universities contract for ten or more of their staff to undertake the three meeting academic navigation experience.

Some participants may wish to extend their experience to four or five meetings. By the final meeting, the foundation has been laid, the focus on driving implementation is now with the participant, as it should be.

On-going support for participants living with implementation challenges will be offered through webinars and online forums through the Envisage web site.