​Professor George Tremblay

Senior Research Scientist and Lead Evaluator, Behavioral Health Improvement Institute, Keene State College
New Hampshire USA
Health and Medical
Research Intensive
Health and Medical

George Tremblay is a Senior Research Scientist with the Behavioral Health Improvement Institute at Keene State College. A clinical psychologist with a particular interest in family well-being, George began his career on a research trajectory, yet discovered that he wished to employ those tools more directly to serve the practice community.

He joined and eventually directed a practitioner-oriented doctoral program, where he taught research methods and helped to manage a training clinic.

Initially to fund training opportunities for doctoral students, George and a colleague began to secure grants to implement and evaluate innovative mental health services. Fifteen years later, that work had grown to provide employment for a team of nine, leading George and his colleague to leave their “day jobs” with the doctoral program and dedicate themselves entirely to partnerships with community agencies to improve behavioral health services.

George operated a furniture restoration business for over a decade before entering graduate school, and his interests in building projects and gardening continue to occupy his musings, more than his actual time. Craving a disciplined routine diversion from work, George took up running on his 50th birthday, and was startled to discover how much he enjoyed it; he runs a few races a year to keep him supplied with goals, and prizes the weekly companionship of a running group.